The Wishful Writer: We’re strugglin’

Hey There! This month I have been struggling to write. Whether it be for the blog or for my stories. So, I decided I would try and take up another creative outlet, in hopes it would spark some inspiration! I picked up my camera (which I barley know how to use) and started snapping some shots. Here are some highlights! Hopefully I will be back in a groove soon! Until then enjoy!

Wanted an action shot, Dog was happy to oblige.
He hates his picture taken. 1/100 that he will actually look at the camera.

The Wishful writer: Writers and Education (Chapter 2)

Welcome back wishful writers. Today I am throwing a question your way. To be a successful author do you need formal education in it? I know the answers will probably be split but I would like to hear your reasons.

Now as someone who has never liked school, you might think my answer would be no you don’t need education to be a successful writer. But as I get further down the writer road and watch other more experienced writers talk about writing tips and tricks, I am starting to sway to the idea that you do need education. I am not even sure if the people I watch have formal training but it sure seems like it.

When it comes to writing I would consider myself a novice, a beginner, someone who doesn’t know exactly what he is doing. Maybe I have forgotten the few things I learned in high school or maybe I never learned enough to begin with. So, furthering my education could perhaps have gone a long way into shaping me into a capable writer.

In the same breath I have already spent money on school for what I thought was going to be my career. All I feel I was taught was how to pass a test. I never felt like I learned enough to be proficient at the job. I learned everything but doing it. In no way did school benefit me.

I believe its hard, if not impossible to teach creativity. Writing though, is so much more than creativity. you have to be able to articulate the movie playing inside your head so other people can have it play in theirs. you have to know how to organize your words so they come out beautiful and people hang onto each one of them. you also need to know who you are writing for because if you write for the wrong crowd they won’t understand your story. All of this I am clueless on and maybe school could teach me.

I am at a point in my life where it seems impossible to go back to school as well. I don’t have the money and it probably wouldn’t work with my schedule. Does that make me doomed? will I only be just a writer and not an author?

If I did have the possibility to go back to school I know most writers will never make money off their writing or become well know authors. So, how can one justify spending thousands of dollars to go back to school? I, like many others, always dream of selling my story to publishers, but I know my writing doesn’t come close to being anywhere near as good as published authors.

Have you gone to school? has it benefited you greatly? I pass the question off to you once more. Do you need to be educated in writing to be an author? I am very curious what you all think and whether school has helped your writing journey. So, let me know in the comments and have a wonderful day Wishful Writers!

The Wishful Writer

Welcome Everyone! Today I would like to start a new series for this blog. I shall call it The Wishful Writer, because that is who I am and I believe a lot of others feel the same way. I intend to talk about all of my struggles and success’ on being a writer. I want to have conversations with all of you and build a community where we can all share advice or just vent about our struggles!

Why am I calling myself a wishful writer? Well, if it isn’t obvious enough, I always wish the best for my writing but rarely doing anything about it. I can create wonderful and destructive worlds, I can day dream about ridiculous love stories I can kill off the favorite character but most notably I can only ever do this in my head.

I always look to the greats and daydream of being in their positions and how lucky they are to have come up with that one great idea. Yet, I always fail to realize they actually sat down and put the idea on paper. I bet I could sell a book. (My wife would buy it!) It’s just that I am too tired to write it today, I had to work today, my favorite show is coming on. (Because Netflix)

So, this series is for any writer wishing to be an author. This series is for the writer who binge watches Netflix daily. This series is for the writer who hasn’t had their coffee yet or of course the writer who procrastinates more then they do anything. (ME!)

What are you wishful for? The perfect Idea? Time? Energy? Inspiration? Someone to write your book for you? Let me know in the comments and let me know of topics you would like to discuss. Let’s stick together and help one another survive the dread of writing our masterpiece! Make sure you hit the follow button on your way out and thanks for reading!

Will The Witcher Netflix Series be good?

Check out my review on The Witcher Netflix series Here!!!!!

Now that the trailer for the Witcher Netflix series has been released, I believe I have more of a feel about how the show is going to be. Lots of people seem pretty hyped about it and the quality seems quite good.

Do I think the Witcher series will be good? That’s the real question. I wouldn’t say I am the biggest fan of the Witcher or anything like that. Especially since I only heard about the Witcher when the third game came out. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And if you’ve read my other blog about the Witcher (which I will leave a link here) you may have a pretty good guess as to where I stand. But honestly, I am on the fence about it.

My knowledge of The Witcher comes from the third game and the first three books. Both essentially have the same story, Just in different timelines. The books are the start of Geralts relationship with Ciri when she is a little girl. In the game she is an adult and in both Geralt is trying to find her.

There is obviously twists and turns to get to her and in my opinion the game did a much better job of doing that. The books just didn’t pull it off. In the books it just seems like Geralt meets people walks and meet people and walks more for three books straight. For a story based on someone who kills monsters for a living, it was very uninteresting. From what I recall there wasn’t even that much information about Witcher’s.

If the show completely follows the books which I doubt it will, the show would just be boring and will not interest me in the slightest. The reason I think the story in the show may be better is I believe the author of the books will have nothing to do with the show. So, hopefully Netflix can make it interesting with their creative freedom.

In the trailer a lot of the clips seem as though they could fit into the books. Stuff about elves and the war that is going on, the stuff about Ciri. But there are also clips of just Geralt doing Witcher things and those were the only parts that really intrigued me. The story seems like it could be much of the same as the other ones, but its hard to tell with just a two-minute trailer.

So, will the Witcher Netflix series be good? I am very doubtful. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little intrigued. As long as the twists and turns are there and lots about monsters and Witchers it could do well.  Hopefully they can pry the story away from the books and make something great. But that’s just my opinion. Time will tell if I like it and if the masses like it. Maybe if I re read the books I might like them, but I would have to be convinced. So, let me know your opinion Witcher fans!

Book Review: Halo Smoke and Shadow by Kelly Gay

Welcome back to another book review! This one is a novella based in the Halo universe. If you are not familiar, Halo is a video game series revolving around ancient weapons of mass destruction that are capable of wiping out all life in the universe. The weapons called the Halo rings.

Unlike my previous book reviews this one will probably have spoilers. So, if your sensitive to such content this is your last warning. Get out.

In my opinion the books first couple pages didn’t draw me in right away like they should. But the more I read the more I was intrigeged by the main characher. Rion Forge, who is the daughter of one John Forge. One of, ,If not the main character of the game Halo Wars.

Rion is a salvager. She chose not to follow in the family tradition to join the army. She and her ragtag crew scour the war torn universe for alien tech and weapons from downed and abandoned ships to sell.

The crew is constantly finding valuable tech and the like to sell to their buyer for a nice return. On one of their salvages Rion find something called a Buoy. A data center from the ship. This one just so happened to contain information that could help her find out what happened to her father.

Throughout the story you get pieces of everyone past. I was done in such a way that I felt very connected to the characters. But not overly done to make me forget what is going on in the story.

The buoy leads them to another fallen ship. This one an alien vessel. As they circle around they spot Sangheili(Aliens) and Hunters (different kind of alien). they sneak onto the ship and find what they are looking for but, not without making noise first. They escape and rescue another salvager in the process.

Another buoy another destination. The climax of the story happens and it ends. leaving me wanting more. The story could have been an novel but if it was it may have lost what made it so intriguing to me, the briefness of everything. Just knowing enough, but never the whole thing.

This story in no way impacts the story of Halo as I predict not many do. But what it does do is give you insight of how people live outside the army. How families are separated, and how the war impacted everyone differently.

I have read other peoples reviews on this short story. Most are not to fond of how the story ended. The book started with zero questions and ended with you asking a plethora. People didn’t like not having answer but, for me that was part of the intrigue.

Ill give this short story a solid 4.75 Halo rings out of 5. If your a Halo fan definitely check it out, even if your not its a quick read and he might like it without know Halo at all.

Thanks for reading!