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2020 has been uncomfortable

2020 has been an uncomfortable year. Its brought a Pandemic, Violence and riots and money problems for most people. It’s showcased how you can’t judge someone on their uniform. Most of all it has shown me that still nobody knows what we are doing… Continue Reading “2020 has been uncomfortable”

The Wishful Writer: WORLD-BUILDING

As a Wishful writer I am constantly wishing up great kingdoms, Interesting races/ cultures and unique worlds full of mystery. I want to make worlds that I could get lost in for years creating stories for each person that inhabits it. I wish to… Continue Reading “The Wishful Writer: WORLD-BUILDING”

Did this pandemic break Me?

This is a strange time we are living in. I got laid off and I am not supposed to leave the house. Did it break me?


Find your wings and fly For this plain will be a tomb At no fault of gods will But for the traitorous species we have become One for one and none for all

This Years Writing Goals

2020 is well under way and I haven’t started any goals. Mostly because I didn’t make any and also because I have been in a slump. But things are looking up and I would like to set out some to crush. Goal one is… Continue Reading “This Years Writing Goals”