2020 has been uncomfortable

2020 has been an uncomfortable year. Its brought a Pandemic, Violence and riots and money problems for most people. It’s showcased how you can’t judge someone on their uniform. Most of all it has shown me that still nobody knows what we are doing other than surviving..

Despite all the negativity 2020 has wrought, it has been on of my best years. I continue to become mentally stronger and not let my depression and anxiety control my life. I also got married to the only person who can handle me at my worst and still support everything I do! She makes my life infinitely better.

For most of the year I have avoided posting anywhere. I feel like I don’t have a voice worth listening to on most controversies and ultimately I am not well versed enough about subjects to argue my position. nor do I want to argue it. Everyone has their own opinion on everything and humanity will never agree on anything 100%. So, instead of me adding fuel to fires I will keep quiet.

To make up for my absence and my silence I have decided to participate in Movember. I will be growing a glorious mustache to raise money for men’s health. It’s something I have never participated in but I am excited. I knew they were about raising money to research testicular cancer but they also do for prostate cancer and mental health.

I will be documenting my stache growth and my donation growth over on instagram @mylesgrahamwrites. and if you would like to contribute to a great cause please use my link https://movember.com/m/mylesgrahamwrites?mc=1

I will try and get more content going up on this blog. But I will also be working on my nanowrimo project. I know I know, I said I would probably never do it again. But I needed it to get back into writing and so far it has done exactly what I needed it too. Anyway more on that on a different day!

Thanks for reading and please please please Help me get to my goal of $200 for Movember! Take care!

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