This Years Writing Goals

2020 is well under way and I haven’t started any goals. Mostly because I didn’t make any and also because I have been in a slump. But things are looking up and I would like to set out some to crush.

Goal one is to write for fun and write for me. Something I feel that has always held me back from writing is thinking about making money from writing and having my life changed by being published. It’s nice to have dreams and something to strive towards but it shouldn’t be the reason I am doing it. I started writing for fun. Because I wanted the stories in my head to become something. I wanted to create stories for my significant other. And then it changed. It is time to go back to the beginning and have fun with it.

Goal number two is to find my groove. I have never been a consistent writer. I always write in spurts with long breaks in between. Those breaks always ruin my flow and usually make me want to start something new. I need to get into a daily habit and work on my project. Even if I only write 100 words a day I would be happy. If I ever want to complete a novel in this life time, I am going to be way more consistent.

The number one thing that destroys my confidence and my consistency is always critiquing my work as I go. I always seem to question the story after a few pages and think maybe this isn’t that great or this part just doesn’t make sense. Which has lead a lot of my stories to their unfortunate doom.

So, my third and final goal this year is to be less critical to my work, especially when it is still just a poor little infant.

I have recently started a new project and I am having fun with it. I just need to stick to my goals it should hopefully make it out of the infant stage.

To recap my 3 goals are:

  1. Have fun
  2. Write consistently
  3. Don’t be so critical

Do you have any goals this year? Let me know! And thanks for reading. Have a beautiful day.

2 Comments on “This Years Writing Goals

  1. A goal of 100 words a day is a great start. If you are so critical, try not re-reading your work for a few days. Just work on getting the words out. The end is for edits and re-structuring

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