The Wishful Writer: Affliction or Sabotage

The only time I have picked up my pen This year has been to write for this blog. There are many reason– Nope. There are many excuses holding me back. I have quite a few Novel and short story ideas on the backlog that very well could be in the process of being written. My pen Just became too heavy to hold.

Lately, the well of ideas (and maybe life) have run dry. Which shouldn’t be a problem because as I mentioned I have a stockpile of ideas waiting to be written. Yet, the lack of new ideas feels like a lack of creativity. Something I fear to be catastrophic to my stories.

Along with my creativity slithering away right in front of me, so too has my passion for those aging stories. Somewhere in time the honeymoon phase faded with these stories. Maybe I was never in love. But now I feel like I have to settle with these because who knows when the next love will come along.

People write blogs as a way to make money and some to help others. I write blogs to practice my writing while trying the spark creativity and confidence in my work. (while loosing money on this beautiful website.) I Wrote this post in particular to show myself how ridiculous my problems are. By writing this I have shown myself the only problem is me.

The pen might be heavy, but if I keep picking it up I will build the strength to carry my stories to wherever it is they need to go.

One Comment on “The Wishful Writer: Affliction or Sabotage

  1. Now that you realize the problem is you, you will be more mindful of that and work on cracking open those writing juices. I am sure once you start writing again, it will slowly but surely get better and better!

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