Favorite and Least Favorite Read of 2019

In 2019 I read 16 books. That’s the most amount of books I have ever read in a year and I am pretty proud of that. (That’s why I mention it every blog :P) With books there is always going to be some you don’t finish, some you read over and over again because you love them so much and some you just hate.

So, like I did last year I would like to look back and choose my favorite read of 2019, with the addition of least favorite read. Every book I read this year -other than one- was fantasy or sci-fi. I don’t typically read outside those genres. But this year I did read an autobiography and its not my least favorite read! But lets hop in to what is my least favorite read shall we?

My least favorite read of 2019 without a doubt is Coldfall Woods by Steven Saville. From the very beginning of this book it didn’t really jive with me but I pushed on to at least half way but I just couldn’t finish it. Its’ set in and uses the same characters as another story by Saville but this is not classified as a sequel. I could be wrong but for the most part it read as a stand alone.

When it comes to writing it can be hard to spot your own mistakes. I can guarantee my work is littered with them. But as of now I am not a published author. This book had an abundance of spelling mistakes and incomplete sentences. Sentences would abruptly stop and I would be confused as to what was happening in the scene. There were also other sentences that just made zero sense but were complete and without errors that had the same impact on me.

Along with the spelling errors there was constant repetition. He always used the same big words like he had just learned them or the same phrase constantly and that bothered me. The whole story is about a “Horned God” and every single time -it seemed- the “Horned God” Was mentioned he was called by all 8 names he is known by. I get it, hes a god of many names, I don’t need to read half a paragraph every time you mention him.

The last thing I want to talk about is one particular seen. This scene was the dagger for the novel. It had to be the most fucked up thing I have ever read. I’m just going to leave a little piece of it here. I am sorry in advance.

The first children dragged him down to the ground.

Their appetite was insatiable.

Danny felt their hands all over him, pulling at his jeans, tugging at the buckle of his belt, at his boxers, lowering them even as more kisses smothered his face. The kisses reached his neck, and as they tore at the buttons of his shirt, down the flat planes of his stomach, not stopping as they traced the tight lines of muscle down to his cock. Tiny hands stroked him as their lips closed on his mouth and more hands covered his eyes.

It ends with a needless description of why the god who now straddled Danny was hard….. again sorry.

Now, just burn that from your memory and lets move on. Choosing my favorite read this year was a bit challenging as I read a lot of books that I really enjoyed. But the series in which I chose my favorite read I have wanted to read for quite some time. I saw the movies when I was a kid and never got around to reading them because I didn’t read much as a kid.

My Favorite read of 2019 Is the Lord of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. If I had to specify I would choose The Return of The King. It takes the cake for me because of all the action, even when I thought the action was over there was more.

The reason this is my favorite read is because it was a challenging read for me. From the size of the books -even though half of ROTK is an appendix- to the amount of words that I just didn’t know and had to look up. Some parts of the series I did find a little boring with extremely long descriptions. But these descriptions were laced with history of Middle-Earth and did end up being one of my favorite parts. Just how much history there is to Middle-Earth and beyond and how little we actually know is impressive to me.

I won’t go on and on about Lord of The Rings because I think everyone knows how good the stories are by now. But I would like to also put in some honorable mentions to my favorite read of the year. I have 3.

  1. The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. Because well duh.
  2. Abomination by Gary Whitta. I really enjoyed this one. A fantasy set in old England. Click Here for full review.
  3. What does this button do? Bruce Dickinson an autobiography. I have always thought of Bruce Dickinson as the most interesting man in the world and this book did not disappoint.

That’s it, that’s all. Thanks for reading. Let me know what your favorite read of 2019 was, down in the comments!.

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