The Wishful Writer

Welcome Everyone! Today I would like to start a new series for this blog. I shall call it The Wishful Writer, because that is who I am and I believe a lot of others feel the same way. I intend to talk about all of my struggles and success’ on being a writer. I want to have conversations with all of you and build a community where we can all share advice or just vent about our struggles!

Why am I calling myself a wishful writer? Well, if it isn’t obvious enough, I always wish the best for my writing but rarely doing anything about it. I can create wonderful and destructive worlds, I can day dream about ridiculous love stories I can kill off the favorite character but most notably I can only ever do this in my head.

I always look to the greats and daydream of being in their positions and how lucky they are to have come up with that one great idea. Yet, I always fail to realize they actually sat down and put the idea on paper. I bet I could sell a book. (My wife would buy it!) It’s just that I am too tired to write it today, I had to work today, my favorite show is coming on. (Because Netflix)

So, this series is for any writer wishing to be an author. This series is for the writer who binge watches Netflix daily. This series is for the writer who hasn’t had their coffee yet or of course the writer who procrastinates more then they do anything. (ME!)

What are you wishful for? The perfect Idea? Time? Energy? Inspiration? Someone to write your book for you? Let me know in the comments and let me know of topics you would like to discuss. Let’s stick together and help one another survive the dread of writing our masterpiece! Make sure you hit the follow button on your way out and thanks for reading!

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