Will The Witcher Netflix Series be good?

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Now that the trailer for the Witcher Netflix series has been released, I believe I have more of a feel about how the show is going to be. Lots of people seem pretty hyped about it and the quality seems quite good.

Do I think the Witcher series will be good? That’s the real question. I wouldn’t say I am the biggest fan of the Witcher or anything like that. Especially since I only heard about the Witcher when the third game came out. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And if you’ve read my other blog about the Witcher (which I will leave a link here) you may have a pretty good guess as to where I stand. But honestly, I am on the fence about it.

My knowledge of The Witcher comes from the third game and the first three books. Both essentially have the same story, Just in different timelines. The books are the start of Geralts relationship with Ciri when she is a little girl. In the game she is an adult and in both Geralt is trying to find her.

There is obviously twists and turns to get to her and in my opinion the game did a much better job of doing that. The books just didn’t pull it off. In the books it just seems like Geralt meets people walks and meet people and walks more for three books straight. For a story based on someone who kills monsters for a living, it was very uninteresting. From what I recall there wasn’t even that much information about Witcher’s.

If the show completely follows the books which I doubt it will, the show would just be boring and will not interest me in the slightest. The reason I think the story in the show may be better is I believe the author of the books will have nothing to do with the show. So, hopefully Netflix can make it interesting with their creative freedom.

In the trailer a lot of the clips seem as though they could fit into the books. Stuff about elves and the war that is going on, the stuff about Ciri. But there are also clips of just Geralt doing Witcher things and those were the only parts that really intrigued me. The story seems like it could be much of the same as the other ones, but its hard to tell with just a two-minute trailer.

So, will the Witcher Netflix series be good? I am very doubtful. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little intrigued. As long as the twists and turns are there and lots about monsters and Witchers it could do well.  Hopefully they can pry the story away from the books and make something great. But that’s just my opinion. Time will tell if I like it and if the masses like it. Maybe if I re read the books I might like them, but I would have to be convinced. So, let me know your opinion Witcher fans!

7 Comments on “Will The Witcher Netflix Series be good?

  1. My brother and I just watched The Witcher on Netflix. Have you guys watched it yet? Most of the actors are great. Although Henry Cavill is especially good. I think he plays an excellent Geralt. I don’t think the show quite as good as the Mandalorian though. I think I might watch them both again lol.


  2. The trailer made me a lot more hopeful compared to the promo photos, but I agree it’s going to be a bit dull if they stick too closely to the books.
    I’m a bit curious to begin with while they chose to base it on the books, instead of the games which is what made the franchise popular outside of Poland to begin with. I like the medallion design they came up with well enough, but the one from the games is far more iconic.

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  3. I find a lot of shows start off following the books, but after a few episodes start to make it their own. Hopefully that’s what they do!

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