Short Story: Lord Odius

Hey everyone, this is the first short story I am posting or publishing anywhere. This story is based on an evil character from another short story that I am in the process of writing. This story wrote itself while I was writing the other one! Thanks for checking it out I hope you all enjoy!

Are people born evil? Perhaps being evil is learned in time. Nobody truly understands why people do what they do. Are you sure that you understand the reason behind every decision you’ve made? I doubt it. When people do things, drastic things, there is usually something pushing them, like killing your best friend because he slept with your wife. Emotion pushed you to do it. I think you deserve a chance to be heard and understood, as does everyone.

Samson Odious is the person that comes to mind when asked to describe evil. Lord Odious, The King of Darkness, Lord of the Underworld, The Hero Executioner, but no one knows his story. Sure, some people are born to do bad things, but to get those names, you are not born mad but driven crazy.

Samson was a loving husband and father, he was a businessman, a world champion fencer and most importantly, there was a time when people called him the hero of Aldmist. Before he was evil he was good. Not just good but great. He defeated armies of undead, assassinated the Undead King and saved our own king time and time again.

Until one grave day, when the Undead Prince sought out revenge, and to take the land of the living once and for all. He sent a letter carrier to King Zerroth;

Dear King, your land, and your throne will soon be mine.

I sent you this letter so you may sit and stew in fear for I

Prince of the Undead will make your people part of my army.

I look forward to using your skull as a goblet.

Then the dreaded day had come. The recently deceased and corpses that had been dead far longer than Aldmist had been around, began to rise from their graves. In a matter of minutes, the dead covered the land like a plague. The Aldmist army was pushed back into the Helmgar castle where they would have to make their stand against the undead swarm. As they bombarded the castle walls, catapulting our own dead brethren toward us. One man knew he needed to protect the King. Samson made for the throne room.

He entered the room to find the royal family cowering together behind the massive golden plated throne. This isn’t the first time Samson had to protect the King from attack, but it was certainly the first time he had seen his King cower. The King approached Samson with a piece of parchment held toward him as he shook. “If Aldmist survives and I do not, I will ask God for holy guidance for you, and you shall be named king”

Samson was a man who never showed emotion. People would call him the man with a stone face. Deep down he was honored that the King would choose him as a successor to the throne. “I assure you, my Lord, you and your family will make it out of here unscathed” He put a hand on the King’s shoulder to comfort him further.

The King cracked a brief smile and his shoulders relaxed, but just as quick as he relaxed he cowered back to his throne. The room began to fill with a thick black fog. It rolled through the throne rooms window, one spot seemed denser than the rest. The ball rolled right into the center of the room and all the fog started to disperse. A figure stood now where the ball had been. The figure was a man in all black armor, which looked to be made of bones. The only visible part of the being was his purple glowing eyes which pulsated under his helmet.

Everyone was astonished and stood in place, speechless and motionless. Even Samson the mighty warrior stood wide-eyed. The purple eyes locked onto the King now. “I am here for your head!” the man bellowed. “This world, along with your kingdom, now belong to the dead” Samson fumbled for his sword and as he did the man turned into the ball of fog once more and rushed toward him.

Samson’s vision went black and he struggled to find breathable air. He collapsed to the floor struggling to get out of the fog while all around him, screams filled the room. He crawled on his hands and knees through puddles of blood until he reached the edge of the fog. Where the man stood holding the King by his throat.

He grabbed his sword once more knowing he had little time to save the King. He threw the sword end over end with all his might. The man in the skeletal armor pivoted himself and the king around, and the sword drove itself into the King’s heart. Samson stood in disbelief at what had just occurred. The armored man released his grip on the king and let him fall to the floor. He now stood purple eyes blazing into Samson’s. Blood seeped from a hole in his armor where the sword had struck.

The man’s purple eyes fell to the wound on his chest, where the sword had pierced through the king. Just as he did, Samson charged tackling the man to the ground. He quickly pulled the knife from his boot and put it to the man’s neck. He pulled off the man’s helmet and revealed a face no mother could love. Bits of flesh falling off, an entire cheek missing, making the inside of his mouth completely visible. “Who are you?” He demanded. The man’s face now grinning and his mouth opened revealing more teeth. “I am the Undead Prince and you are Samson Odious”

The Prince’s grin growing even wider as Samson’s eyes widened in surprise. “I knew I would bathe in the King’s blood tonight, but it is an absolute delight knowing I will bathe in my father’s assassin’s blood as well” Samson pushed the point of his knife harder into his throat. “But I suppose maybe I should thank you, my father was growing rather tired of trying to take over the world and had gotten soft in his old age” “Now here I am to finish what he started” Samson’s eyes shrank to a squint. “You aren’t in the position to be taking anything over. Your time is up. You have killed too many!” He raised his dagger and slammed into the Undead Prince’s heart. The Prince erupted into a thick cloud of black smoke. Whispers that seemed to be arguing surrounded Samson. As the cloud dissipated, the Undead Prince’s voice remained “See you soon, Odious”

All around the kingdom undead soldiers began to smoke and become lifeless. Men fighting undead minions were now beating lifeless bodies. The Prince of the Undead was their lifeblood, and they perished along with him. The kingdom now hung in a thick black smoke, but not a single fire around. The smoke began turning to a deep purple as it dissipated.

Samson sat in the Throne room assessing the carnage the Undead Prince had brought to the royal family. Blood painted the walls and limbs peppered the floor. His eyes began to tear but he knew what needed to be done as he spotted the scroll the King had given him beforehand. He grabbed the scroll and approached the King’s corpse. “I will make sure Aldmist prospers in your name!” He took a knee and blessed the King.

Muttering and banging on the door ended his prayer. The muttering turned to yelling and the banging more wrathful. The door began to splinter and just as quickly erupt open revealing three Aldmist soldiers. They took in the gruesome scene that was now the throne room. They spotted Samson and quickly ran over with swords drawn. “Samson?” All of them seemed more on edge. “What have you done? How could you murder the family you swore to protect?” He quickly stumbled to his feet. “you don’t understand. There was a fog…” “The sword, the King had honored you with, is driven through his chest. We understand.” Samson’s heart dropped. “I tried to save them, I killed the Undead Prince.” All three men looked back and forth to one another and nodded. “Kill him”

The Soldiers readied their swords. All out of ideas Samson had one last hope. He threw the scroll at their feet, without emotion and dead eyes. “I am your King now.” Just as the last word left his mouth the men roared and charged him. He hopped over the King’s body and removed his sword from it. He knew he couldn’t take them all on, but at least he could fend them off as he made his way to the window the Undead Prince came from.

He parried blow after blow until they were able to knock the sword from his hand. Without further ado, he leaped out the window. Luckily for him, there was a moat below to slightly cushion his fall. He looked back up at the window to see the men peering down at him. As luck would have it they didn’t have bows. He slowly got himself to the water’s edge and pulled himself onto land. His ankle was twisted and arm dislocated from the fall. He hobbled into the forest just ahead to get out of sight and head for home.

It took him an hour to reach his village. The air seemed calm, almost as if no one was there. As he neared his house he heard galloping coming his way. He dove into some bushes in front of a neighboring house. The three soldiers from the Throne room rushed passed. Once they were out of sight he ran as fast as he could. Ignoring all the pain from his fall from the throne room. As he approached his house he noticed the door was open and all the lanterns were off. “Emeline?” he questioned as he slowly entered. “Genisis?” no answers. Emeline his wife could usually be found in the bedroom and reading at this time.

He entered, and there she was. Emeline hung on the wall above the bed. Held up by one sword pierced right through her chest. His. Her throat was slit and a piece of parchment dangled from her mouth. Blood soaked the bed. Despair filled him. His eyes grew darker. Almost becoming black. He took the note from her mouth;

The King is dead.

And so is the hero of Aldmist.

“Genisis…” His eyes welled up. He dashed to her room but to no avail, he scoured the house but couldn’t find her. He wiped the tears from his eyes and returned to his bedroom. He took Emiline off the wall and slumped her over his shoulder, lit a torch and threw it on the floor and left. He stood outside and watched his house become engulfed in flames. As he watched his eyes turned completely black. Almost as if burnt. “I will burn this world to the ground for you my loves” As he turned around to leave, a man stood before him with a toothy grin and purple eyes. “The undead don’t seem so bad now do they? I know where your daughter is, and I am willing to tell you for the right price.”

“I’ll do anything”

When the world is on fire everyone burns. Almost always, the people who try and stop the fire end up becoming it. Samson Odious is now the fire that wishes to scorch the world

The End

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