A Little Bit more about me!

If you haven’t read my about me page or lost and don’t know how you got here, this is for you. My name is Myles Graham! Hello! welcome. Pull up a chair stay a while. I won’t be repeating whats already in my About me page, so let’s get into it!

For as long as I can remember, Stories have always played like movies in my head. I would be the world best sneaky soldier and shoot all bad guys in the face!! As I grew older I got into video games and lost my self into different worlds for hours and hours on end. That was my main muse for life, and still is a big part of it.

When I got to my teenage years I became cool. (or at least I thought I was.) I hung out with my friends daily and played videos games daily too. I know what you’re thinking right now what does a cool kid read. You probably already know the answer to that. They don’t. Typically they say its for nerds and possibly even put you down for it. Yes, who I used to be. The real loser.

Fast forward another couple years and I met a pretty girl and we started dating. Guess what? We’re still together 7 years later. The kicker? She is the biggest bookworm I have ever met! So in time, I began to read! And I love it! I feel like I have wasted years! But I am making up for that. The first year we were together I wrote my first short story, about us! as a Christmas present! and ever since I have been bombarded with story ideas, Just like when I was a kid. So now I’m trying to get my stories to paper.

That’s how my writing life came to be! I continue to work on my writing whether it just be my opinion on things or other things going on in my life. I’m writing and I intend On sharing with the interweb!!

If you got this far, Thank you for reading! I appreciate it. Feel free to follow along on my journey and let me hear about yours!

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